Editorial Suite

Editorial Suite

Getting Started

Author Info

1. Go to your profile page on Ghost.

2. Fill out your author information:

  • Profile picture - should be 128x128 size.
  • Full name - will be publicly shown on articles on the site, feel free to use pseudoname.
  • Bio - will be publicly shown on articles on the site next to your profile picture and name, feel free to type down a few words about yourself there.

Your First Article

Head over to the Posts page, hit the New post button, get creative.

Post Title

Keep it relevant, no bullshit, no keyword stuffing. Picking an interesting title helps with grabbing people’s attention, but don’t get close to clickbait territory.

Title Capitalization

We follow Chicago 17th A for title capitalization. Feel free to use a tool like titlecaseconverter.com (Chicago style option).

Post URL

Post URL will generally be derived from the Post Title, unless the title is pretty long, in which case, you should come up with a manual URL. It should be simple, easy to understand, and offer context on the actual content of the article. Post title will always be lowercase letters with - instead of spaces. Example: gypsum-farming-guide

Post Tags

Note: For WIP content, use the test tag (Top right Settings -> Tags). This ensures that the article won’t be showcased on the site, but can be accessed via a direct link.

Besides test, you will want to use either the Guide or the News tag, plus the Featured Image tag. Eventually, featured image will be enforced for all posts but, for now, you must use the tag.


Please run all images through squoosh.app to reduce the file size. Use MozJPEG with a Quality of 65-80. The default 75 is often a good choice.

Featured Images


Short description that shows up at the top of articles, and below article images on the homepage and /guides page.

Next Steps

After you’ve added the test tag to the article, you should publish the post (top right Publish → Set it live now). This will allow you to see it on nwdb.info, without it being showcased on the site. The URL format will be similar to https://nwdb.info/guides/gypsum-farming-guide (you just add the Post URL from Ghost after the guides/ part of the link).

When are you satisfied, remove the test tag and Update the post.

Data Linking

TLDR: [type_id]

Item item_voidore [item_voidore]

Recipe recipe_1hlongsword_whisperofthewoodt5 [recipe_1hlongsword_whisperofthewoodt5]

Creature creature_megaturkey [creature_megaturkey]

Perk perk_perkid_armor_defcritdmg [perk_perkid_armor_defcritdmg]

Ability ability_upgrade_sword_reversestab_grit [ability_upgrade_sword_reversestab_grit]

Status Effect status-effect_pvp_flag_bonus [status-effect_pvp_flag_bonus]

Quest quest_98_m_01_combatprowess [quest_98_m_01_combatprowess] [quest_fm_s_hunt_0507]

Gatherable gatherable_town_cow_ww [gatherable_town_cow_ww]

NPC npc_9903_msq_emile [npc_9903_msq_emile]