New World Items to Farm as a Solo Player

In this guide we will be covering "named items" that you can effectively solo-farm in the open-world.

New World Items to Farm as a Solo Player


In this guide we will be covering "named items" that you can effectively solo-farm in the open-world. Most Named Items drop at 590 Gear Score and can be upgraded to 600 Gear Score and beyond with umbral shards, which also upgrades the item from Epic to Legendary and unlocks its third perk.

We also have a video guide for those of you who prefer that format.

Whilst most of the items listed in this guide will not be BiS (Best in Slot), they're all generally worth farming for a player who has recently hit level 60 and is looking to improve their Gear Score and gear in general, before they step into the various expeditions available in New World's end game.

Along with the items listed in this guide, it's encouraged that you also go and complete as many main-story and side quests in the [zone_16] region as you can, as the rewards given range from [item_gypsumorb], [item_umbralshardt1], and 600 to 615 Gear Score Legendary Weapons! Full List of rewards here.

Note: This guide will not list items such as [item_1hgauntletvoid_darkvengeancet5_v2], as although items like this are really powerful, they are not in a particular loot pool of any 1 enemy, and thus really hard to target farm for.

All items listed in this guide should be obtainable within a few attempts of killing each enemy, unless you are very unlucky!



[item_1hlongsword_guardiansresolvet5_v2] is a great starting Sword for Corrupted Expeditions and drops from [creature_anubianguardian_horus_named_01].

[item_1hlongsword_pitlorddominatort5_v2] has more survivability in its perks and drops from [creature_corruption_heavy_named_07sm05b].


[item_1htshield_titanwallt5_v2] has a great set of perks for starting tanks and drops from [creature_corruptedlegion_cyclops_named_00]

[item_1hrshield_maatsscalet5_v2] works best when paired with a sword that does not have [perk_perkid_weapon_critchance] or [perk_perkid_weapon_empoweroncrit] (allows you to maximize all perk slots, they do not stack) and drops from [creature_anubianguardian_horus_named_16bs09b].


[item_1hrapier_putridfishbonet5_v2] has a great set of perks for most Rapier builds and drops from [creature_alligator_strange_named_05wc02].


[item_1hthrowingaxe_bonechoppert5_v2] is a good hatchet to then bring into [zone_50422] and continue your endgame journey, and drops from all mobs in the [zone_40309] location.


[item_2hgreatsword_knifeofgodt5_v2] works well for Corrupted expeditions and drops from [creature_legion_legionnaire_named_01].

[item_2hgreatsword_jupitersjudgementt5_v2] is a well-rounded Greatsword and drops from [creature_sulfur_dragon_named_00].

War Hammer

[perk_perkid_ability_hammer_shockwave] is a must-have perk for a Warhammer, but sadly, all open-world bosses that drop these hammers have 300,000+ HP. [item_2hwarhammer_yulkithirt5_v2] is solo-obtainable in that in only requires Level 200 Weaponsmithing, but for drops you could look at [item_2hwarhammer_wallbuildert5_v2] to bring into [zone_50146]. It drops from [creature_ancient_amalgam_named_16bs11a].

Great Axe

[item_2hgreataxe_primusaxet5_v2] starts with [perk_perkid_weapon_dmgwithgrit], a strong perk for 300 Strength Melee users, and drops from [creature_legion_legionnaire_named_03].


Sadly there are no good spears that drop off of easy to kill enemies reliably, other than [item_2hspear_khnumskeyt5_v2]. This is not a bad spear for [zone_50146], and drops from [creature_anubianguardian_spearman_67_named_00].

Fire Staff

[item_2hstafffire_signumphalaraet5_v2] is beginner's Firestaff as its perks aren't great, but you can easily farm it from [creature_damned_acolyte_named_fr_cov_01].

Ice Gauntlet

[item_1hgauntletice_evergivingt5_v2] starts with great perks, [perk_perkid_weapon_critchance] and [perk_perkid_weapon_dmgcrit], and also upgrades to get [perk_perkid_weapon_cdrbasic], making it a great Ice Gauntlet for endgame. It drops for [creature_ancient_guardian_mage_named_07sm07].

Void Gauntlet

[item_1hgauntletvoid_corruptsacrificet5_v2] is the only reliable drop you can farm for in the Healing Void Gauntlet category (has [perk_perkid_weaponlife_healoutgoing]) and drops from [creature_ancient_guardian_mage_named_07sm07].

[item_1hgauntletvoid_disintegratingdepthst5_v2] is a strong DPS Void Gauntlet for use in Corrupted Expeditions and drops off of [creature_corruption_heavy_named_07sm05b].

Life Staff

[item_2hstafflife_tideofmoonlightt5_v2] has [perk_perkid_weaponlife_healoutgoing] and [perk_perkid_ability_lifestaff_divineembrance], a good starting option if you're running single target heals. It drops from [creature_anubianguardian_horus_named_02].


[item_2hblunderbuss_sulfurousroart5_v2] has a decent set of perks and is one of a small amount of Blunderbusses that drop more consistently from open world mobs. It drops from [creature_sulfur_elemental_entity_named_00].


[item_2hbow_wardensanswert5_v2] is a great pick-up bow for fresh level 60s to use, and drops from [creature_anubianguardian_archer_named_00].


[item_2hmusket_ironbarkblastert5_v2] is a strong musket that will last quite far into the endgame, and drops from [creature_bear_black_named_00] (and from [creature_bear_black_named_08qp06], but has much higher HP).


For armor drops, we will be recommending drops using the following conventions:

  • Heavy Equip Load = Every slot is heavy
  • Medium Load = Heavy Helm and Chest, Medium Gloves and Boots, Light Legs
  • Light Load = Medium Chest, Light Helm, Gloves, Boots and Legs

As a result, no recommendations will be made for Medium Helm or Medium Legs.



[item_heavyhead_crownofsobekt5_v2] is a strong option for Medium DPS and Heavy Tanks in [zone_50422], and drops from [creature_alligator_strange_named_00].

[item_heavyhead_castrumcrownofthegoatkingt5_v2] is a strong option for Medium DPS and Heavy Tanks in [zone_50146], and drops from [creature_goat_mountain_named_00].


The only reliable drop in this category you can farm is [item_lighthead_clericscowlt5_v2], which is a decent helmet for Healers, but does feature the PVP perk [perk_perkid_armor_defcritdmg]. It drops from [creature_anubianguardian_panther_named_01] (Xyo's note: the monster, not the lovely Community Manager. I suggest not messing around with her).



[item_heavychest_colossalstormplatet5_v2] gets [perk_perkid_armor_defancient] when upgraded, and is not a bad starting tank chest for a fresh level 60. It drops from [creature_anubianguardian_brute_named_02].


[item_mediumchest_royallagoonchestwrapst5_v2] is a good starting drop for Light Equip Load Dexterity users, though the perks are PVP orientated. It drops from [creature_alligator_strange_named_00].


There are no good/solo-farmable named Light chests currently in game.



[item_heavyhands_blacksmithsmementot5_v2] gives is a good Heavy tank item for Corrupted Expeditions but do not upgrade it past 590 Gear Score (the [perk_perkid_armor_durability] perk is quite bad). It drops from [creature_legion_legionnaire_named_03].


[item_mediumhands_spearmansglovest5_v2] have [perk_perkid_armor_defancient] and work for a Medium Equip load dexterity build, and drop from [creature_anubianguardian_spearman_67_named_00].


[item_lighthands_joyfulglovest5_v2] are great gloves for healers fresh to Level 60, and drop from [creature_anubianguardian_brute_named_01].



[item_heavylegs_weightedgreavest5_v2] are a strong pick-up for tanks wanting to run [zone_50146], and drop from [creature_anubianguardian_brute_named_02].


[item_lightlegs_focusofdalaot5_v2] are great legs for fresh level 60 healers as they have [perk_perkid_ability_lifestaff_sacredground] on them, a must-have perk. They drop from [creature_anubianguardian_panther_named_03].

[item_lightlegs_regularpantst5_v2] are great for any light or medium equip load build as they have constitution on them, the only downside being that if you upgrade them to 600 Gear Score, they get [perk_perkid_armor_defcritdmg], a perk only useful (albeit VERY useful) in PVP. They drop from [creature_anubianguardian_panther_named_00].



[item_heavyfeet_theheavyburdent5_v2] are the only solo-farm friendly heavy boots you can get, but contain the PVP perk, [perk_perkid_armor_defcritdmg], so will need to be replaced when an upgrade presents itself. They drop from [creature_sulfur_dragon_named_00].


There are no good/solo-farmable named Medium boots currently in game.


There are no good/solo-farmable named Light Boots currently in game.



[item_amulett5_maatsblessing_v2] works well for Healers but requires an upgrade to 600 Gear Score to get the must have [perk_perkid_amulet_hp] Perk. It drops from [creature_anubianguardian_horus_named_16bs09b].

For Dexterity users, [item_amulett5_requiempendant _v2] is a reasonable starting amulet - it does have 9 focus on it so you'll need to replace later on, but the perks are strong. It drops from [creature_ancient_guardian_javelineer_named_07sm07].

Intelligence users have the same option with [item_amulet_treasureofthepitt5_v2]. The perks are strong but it does provide 9 Strength and so will need to be replaced later. It drops from [creature_corruption_heavy_named_07sm05b].


[item_ringt5_heartofdalao_v2] is a great ring to pick-up for those using more than 150 Dexterity or a Medium Equip load build (as [perk_perkid_ring_maxstamina] is not present untill 600 Gear Score). It drops from [creature_anubianguardian_panther_named_03].

[item_ringt5_heartofhepu_v2] is a great ring for most builds as it has [perk_perkid_ring_maxstamina] and Constitution. The addition of Slash Damage makes it particularly powerful for Great Axe, Greatsword, Hatchet and S&S users though. It drops from [creature_anubianguardian_panther_named_04].

[item_ringt5_baalhoop_v2] is an alternative to Heart of Hepu that has Fire Damage instead of Slash Damage, so it is good for Firestaff users. It requires you to have the [quest_0524_0103_shiveringtimbers] quest active in order to spawn the mob it drops from, [creature_undead_pirate_brute_named_05wc07]. This quest chain starts with [quest_0504_0101_anexpandingthreat].


[item_earringt5_starboundrememberence charm_v2] is a good pick-up for Strength users but do not upgrade it to 600 Gear Score, since the [perk_perkid_earring_manaonpotion] perk will not benefit you. It drops from [creature_dryad_shaman_named_02].

[item_earringt5_invokedbyhertwolands_v2] is a similar earring but for Dexterity users, and has a better 600 Gear Score upgrade. It drops from [creature_ancientguardian_mage_named_16bs11].

[item_earringt5_tarotsritualtrinket_v2] is an "okay" earring for mages to start with, but you will want to replace it with a better drop as you advance through the endgame. It drops from [creature_dynasty_warrior_named_08qp01].