New World Silent Death Cosmetics

Silent Death Cosmetics bundle sneak peak.

New World Silent Death Cosmetics

Here's a sneak peak at the work-in-progress Silent Death collection. Since this content is datamined, there's no guarantee it will look exactly like this when launched, or if it will be launched at all.

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Studded Stalker Outfit (Light)

Made of the finest studded leather in Aeternum it is equally protective as it is silent in movement.

Metal Raven Outfit (Medium)

What looks at first to be a large bird running at you will be your untimely demise.

Pauldroned Fears Outfit (Heavy)

Your worst nightmare come alive to haunt the battlefields of Aeternum.



Two edges are deadlier than one.

Meat Cleaver

To slice, dice, and chop your victim to bits.


Ripped from a wrought iron fence in Brightwood and used instead to kill.

Death's Chill

Suddenly all is dark and cold, opponent felled by an icicle to the back.

No Hesitation

Without a second thought you summon forth your void blade and pierce enemy skin.

Braided Serenity

Shots fired from the braided barrel guarantee a swift, almost merciful death before resurrection drags the soul back.


Whether duel or death match this blunderbuss portends death wherever it points.

Twisted Blade

Named so for its twist in the blade and the twisting you'll do inside your enemies.

Spiked Demise

Proof that healers can hurt, too.

Assassin's Tools Bundle

For those in the dark trades, even resource gathering is done in the black of the night.

Silent Death Wolf (Housing Item)

An assassins' breed of wolf, cultivated for generations to silently keep pace with their owner, carrying spare weapons and poisons. The only downside is their breath is worse than their bite.

Reaper's Abode Camp Skin

Aeternum may deny eternal rest, but you can still sleep like the dead within this tent.