New World Turkey Terror Event - Giant Turkey Locations & Drops

All spawn locations and drops info for Turkulon, Feathered Avenger of Death.

New World Turkey Terror Event - Giant Turkey Locations & Drops

This year, [creature_megaturkey] makes a return to Aeternum, in an even better form than the last year. The event ends on December 7, at 7AM UTC.

Lets go over all the details!


This year's version of the event has Turkulon drop the following items:

  • [item_massiveturkeylegt5] - 100% Drop Rate, 5 / day limit.
  • [item_skin_feet_turkeyterror_box] - 20% Drop Rate, 1 / event limit.
  • [item_house_housingitem_buff_special_food_turkeyterror_t1] - 7% Drop Rate, 1 / event limit.
  • [item_house_housingitem_pet_holiday_turkey_pilgrim] - 4% Drop Rate, 1 / event limit.
  • [item_house_housingitem_chair_holidayturkey2022_eggstool01] - 5% Drop Rate, 1 / week limit.

Most notable addition is the new trophy, which increases the duration of food buffs by 25%.

Killing Turkulon will also grant you the Wattle Warrior title.


Like most event items, the drops are limited to 1 every 31 days, or 7 days for the [item_house_housingitem_chair_holidayturkey2022_eggstool01]. The [item_massiveturkeylegt5] is limited to 5 drops every day. You can always find info related to drop limits on the item page on the site.

Drop Rate

The drop rates are pretty high but, there's also a pity system that guarantees that, on your 16th kill, you will receive all the drops that you don't already have.

Note: You (or your group, combined) must deal at least 1% of Turkulon's HP as damage to qualify for rewards. That would be around 100,000 damage.

Spawn Locations

The screenshot below shows all possible spawn locations. You can also visit the [creature_megaturkey] page for the interactive map.

Turkulon respawns in 45 minutes, and only one can be alive inside a territory at any given time. It can spawn inside multiple territories at the same time.

Event Buffs

This year, two new event consumables were added to help you fight the giant turkey: [item_coatingbeastturkeyt5] and [item_potionfamilywardbeastturkeyt5]. Each one of those has a limit of 5 drops per day.

To obtain them, you must first obtain [item_1hskinningknifet5_turkeyterror] by skinning [gatherable_turkey|Turkeys] over the map. Once you have the claw, equip it, and keep skinning! That offers you a chance to drop the coating and the ward potion.

Note: Don't lose the [item_1hskinningknifet5_turkeyterror]! You can only get it once every 31 days, so if you lose it, it's gone.

Diamond Gypsum

During the event, you can also obtain up to 6 [item_gypsumwhite] every 18 hours, by skinning [gatherable_turkey|Turkeys].

Happy hunting!